In 1984, as part of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)-Eastern Partnership a contract of partnership was signed between the UAM Poznań and Kiel University. On this basis, an intensive international cooperation evolved, which, together with the new Master's programme, offers attractive future outlooks for students.

In equivalence to the Master's programme in Kiel the University of Poznań offers the programme „Studia międzykulturowe: Polacy i Niemcy w Europie“. Both programmes imply a term abroad.

The students from Poznań will spend their second term in Kiel, whereas the students from Kiel spend their third term at the partner university in Poznań. As a consequence, you study together with your fellow students from Poland for two terms. Thus internationality is really acted out.

As part of the partnership agreement, the mutual college days were established in 2001 and have been taking place every two years since then: the "Poznań Days in Kiel" at Kiel University and the "Kiel Days in Poznań" at the UAM Poznań. From Nov 5th until Nov 7th, 2014, a group from Kiel visited the UAM Poznań and was filmed by UAM's "Uni-TV".

You can find the video (the group's visit starting at 11:59) here.


Kiel Town Hall with opera during Kiel Regatta Week, Poznań Town Hall